Cooking Instructions

1) Pick Recipe

Pick you favorite recipe that has coconut oil or butter, make a note of how much the recipes requires. You don’t need a special recipe, if it calls for coconut oil or butter, you can infuse it!


2) Customize Potency

Determine your desired potency per serving size (e.g. 5mg of THC/CBD). Then divide total mg THC/CBD in your infused oil or butter by your potency per serving size to get overall quantity (e.g. 100mg THC / 5mg THC = 20 serving sizes).


3) Substitution

Determine how much regular butter or coconut oil your recipe requires, then capture how much Cannabutter or Cannaoil to substitute. For the cannaButter, drop in the whole pad or melt to measure smaller volumes. For the cannaOil, melt and use a syringe to measure smaller portions of cannaOil (5ml would be equal to1 tsp oil and about 5-6mg THC). Make sure to melt and mix the canna and regular butter or oil together really well BEFORE adding it to other ingredients.


4) Cook It Up

After adding the mixed butter or oil to the rest of the ingredients, mix it even more! Measure out each portion and/or cut each serving size precisely so that the potency is consistent. Do not bake in oven over 350 degrees and avoid high heat stove top cooking or sautéing, as it will burn off the THC/CBD. For hands-on cooking lesson, checkout “Cooking with Cannabis” class.